Updates & perspectives

Our work package HAP100 is dedicated to the definition of automotive use cases for the application and demonstration of the developed detection, mitigation and compensation techniques in the context of PLS (PHY layer security).

The project partners work on compatible solutions in a context-based manner in their technology areas. Based on the overall concept, the subsystems are currently being defined and developed in detail. Topics such as Open RAN, Software-Defined Radio (SDR), 5G, 6G, channel estimation, PHY attack detection, PLS, vehicle-to-everything (V2X), vehicle ad hoc networks (VANETs), technology handover on Optical Wireless are main focuses. In PHYSICS we will validate the developed and implemented methods and techniques to detect, contain and compensate for attacks on the 5G NR PHY in the context of connected and autonomous driving. Security and resilience of the communication systems are of utmost importance in this safety-critical application.