PHYSICS erforscht neuartige und integrierte Erkennungs-, Abschwächungs-, und Kompensationsstrategien bei Angriffen auf Kommunikationsnetze, sodass die Anforderungen von Sicherheit, Resilienz und Privatsphäre der Kommunikations-Infrastrukturen erfüllt werden....

PHYSICS - PHY Security Innovations for Communication Systems | BSI-Förderprojekt zur Cyber-Sicherheit und digitale Souveränität in den Kommunikationstechnologien 5G/6G

news & developments

  • Updates & perspectives

    Updates & perspectives

    our project partners work on compatible solutions in a context-based manner in their technology areas. Based on the overall concept, the subsystems are currently being defined and developed in detail.

  • PHYSICS annual meeting 2023

    PHYSICS annual meeting 2023

    With DLR’s virtual participation and in the presence of Dr. Matthias Weber from BSI, our annual meeting in the PHYSICS project took place in the rooms of the Faculty of Transport Sciences “Friedrich List” at TU Dresden. We had invited people to discuss the interim status, updates on research, the experiments and new findings.

  • What does PHYSICS mean?

    What does PHYSICS mean?

    PHYSICS researches novel and integrated detection, mitigation and compensation strategies for attacks on communication networks, so that the requirements of security, resilience and privacy of communication infrastructures are met.

  • What is 6G capable of?

    What is 6G capable of?

    6G is the upcoming sixth-generation wireless communication network, expected to launch around 2030, designed to meet the key performance requirements (KPIs) for emerging services and applications.