PHYSICS annual meeting 2023

Potthoff-Bau TUD/ITVS

With DLR’s virtual participation and in the presence of Dr. Matthias Weber from BSI, our annual meeting in the PHYSICS project took place in the rooms of the Faculty of Transport Sciences “Friedrich List” at TU Dresden. We had invited people to discuss the interim status, updates on research, the experiments and new findings.

All project partners presented their work again in the context of the defined project objectives. Mr. Frederick Palm and Mr. Nicolas Weiner from DLR-PT followed the many technical details of the executors very attentively on the screen and provided useful information with their feedback for the further implementation of our future-oriented project.

In the afternoon things got even more interesting, as we went to the laboratories of the “Information Technology for Transport Systems” (ITVS) professorship to experience live an experimental setup for recording and classifying interference signals. Jonas Ninnemann (TUD/ITVS) experimented in various mobile networks and presented the first interim results. General obstacles and problems in configuring and defining the parameters, technical hurdles and questions about the equipment became clear. The topic requires a great deal of specialist knowledge and expertise in terms of the minimum technical equipment on the vehicle and infrastructure side.

Our consortium meeting in the gallery:

Encouraged by the project sponsors, all partners agree to continue pushing forward their research with intensity. There are still more work packages ahead of us on this path!