PHYSICS researches novel and integrated detection, mitigation and compensation strategies for attacks on communication networks so that the security, resilience and privacy requirements of communication infrastructures are met....

PHYSICS - PHY Security Innovations for Communication Systems | BSI-Förderprojekt zur Cyber-Sicherheit und digitale Souveränität in den Kommunikationstechnologien 5G/6G

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  • What is 6G capable of?

    What is 6G capable of?

    6G is the upcoming sixth-generation wireless communication network, expected to launch around 2030, designed to meet the key performance requirements (KPIs) for emerging services and applications.

  • What does Lifi mean?

    What does Lifi mean?

    LiFi, also known as Light Fidelity or Visible Light Communication (VLC), is a wireless communication technology that utilizes light waves for high-speed data transmission…

  • autonomous driving

    autonomous driving

    Connected and autonomous driving uses wireless communication to enable new use cases such as: – Vehicle platooning…